Expansion Joints

Expansion joints fall into two different categories buried and surface. We generally use the Radflex systems which are proven since the 1960’s. These are then linked into our deck waterproof systems so together they provide a real ‘belt and braces’ solution.

Buried Joints

Radflex S125 Joint - L shape at wall

Radflex S125 is often used in podium deck situations where it is eventually covered with paving or soft landscaping. (Radflex S125 pdf)

Surface Joints

Radflex S200 is used where the joint must be brought through the finishes. This would apply on multi-storey car parks; podiums with hot rolled asphalt finishes or similar situations. (Radflex S200 PDF)

Radflex S150 usually used on MSCP decks or situations where a “sleeping policeman” effect is required.

Radflex S100 can be used on vertical or horizontal joints where it can be positioned within the joint rebate (Radflex S100 pdf)

Radflex S200 Joint